This project is used by our developers to speed up the coding of new use cases

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In this project you'll find the infamous Lescript and everything you need to build a skeleton use case in the architecture currently used by the Boltons House.

What this hopes to be:

  • A way to speed up your coding by taking the usual structural code out of the way

What this is not:

  • A production-ready code generator
  • A panda


composer require-dev arquivei/boltons-scaffolding

If you're using semitic versioning in your dependencies, you can just add to your composer.json:

    "require-dev": {
        "arquivei/boltons-scaffolding": "א.ב"

and then run

composer update


  • Set up your configuration file (config.example.json is included to help you)
  • In your code:

    require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

    $lescript = new \Arquivei\BoltonsScaffolding\Lescript($configPath);
  • If you're using Laravel, there's an even easier way: open your terminal and type

php artisan arquivei:lescript --config=config_path.json

  • If you're using javascript you may wanna rethink your life

Known issues and limitations

  • The LogInterface has no namespace assigned to it, you'll have to fix that yourself
  • The code might not me properly formatted (CTRL+ALT+L in PHPStorm should fix it)