Using bootstrap growl to create alerts inside controllers.

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Laravel 4 Alerts provider to add bootstrap alerts from controllers using the great bootstrap-growl jquery plugin by Nick Larson.


Install with composer

composer require arkraft/alerts 0.8.0

Register the service provicer in app/config/app.php in the providers array


Add an alias under the alias array in app/config/app.php

'Alerts' => 'Arkraft\Alerts\Alerts',

And the last step ist to publish the assets. Execute the following command in the root of your project

php artisan asset:publish --path="vendor/arkraft/alerts/src/public/" jquery

This will add the jquery.bootstrap-growl.min.js to your public/packages/jquery directory. Usage

Now you can add alerts from your controller. The following message types are possible

  • Alerts::addInfo
  • Alerts::addSuccess
  • Alerts::addWarning
  • Alerts::addDanger

All methods have the same parameters:

  • message: the message you want to print
  • title (optional): the title of the message (will be prepended in strong letters to the message)
  • configuration (optional): additional configuration array For Example:
Alerts::addInfo("This is a simple info message", "Info");

will an the following message example info message

Displaying the alerts


{{ Alerts::getAlerts() }}

to your sites javascripts.


You can export the default configuration with

php artisan config:publish arkraft/alerts

This will export the following array to 'config/packages/arkraft/alerts/config.php'

return array(
    'offset' => '{from: "top", amount: 40}',
    'align' => 'right',
    'width' => 250,
    'delay' => 4000,
    'allowDismiss' => false,
    'stackupSpacing' => 5

The configuration values:

  • offset: array with offset values, the alerts will apear 40px from top
  • align: possible values are right, center and left.
  • width: the width of the message box
  • delay: delay for the message to disappear, this message will stay for 4 seconds before it disappears
  • allowDismiss: true will print a close button on the right side of the alert box
  • stackupSpacing: spacing between multiple alert boxes

The changes on this configuration file are global for all boxe. To change the configuration for a single alert you can use the configuration parameter like this

Alerts::addDanger("This is a simple error message", "Error", array("delay" => 0, "allowDismiss" => true, "align" => "center"));

This will show a message wich will stay in the center of the screen until it is closed with the close button on the right. Configurations passed as a parameter will overwrite the default configuration.