Worker thread used to run your callback in another process

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Last update: 2023-03-18 08:37:16 UTC


Worker is a simple library that will allow the user to provide a function or class method to be executed into a separate php process, beside this, it accepts on success function or class method, and on error function or class method.


Licensed under MIT. Totally free for private or commercial projects.


The library needs PHP 5.4+.


In your composer.json add the following in the require section:

    "require": {
        "arkanmgerges/worker": "dev-master"

And then:

php composer.phar update

or if you have installed composer in your system to be called directly without php then:

composer update


1. Use Worker

Use Worker\Worker

2. Using Anonymous Function

$worker = new Worker(
    // Here you can provide your main callback
    function($arg1 = '', $arg2 = '') {
        file_put_contents('result.txt', $arg1 . $arg2);
    // The second one is used when main callback has completed successfully
    function() {
        file_put_contents('success.txt', 'success');
    // If an exception has happened in the main callback then this callback will be called with an error message
    function($e) {
        file_put_contents('error.txt', 'error');

// Start the worker, and pass 2 arguments to the main callback. It is also possible to pass more arguments
$worker->start('first arg', 'second arg');

3. Using Class Object Method

class SomeClass
    public function method($arg1, $arg2, $arg3)
        file_put_contents('result.txt', $arg1 . $arg2 . $arg3);

And then somewhere:

$object = new SomeClass();
// Pass array, first item is the object and second item is the name of the class method
$worker = new Worker([$object, 'method']);
// Start worker and send 3 arguments
$worker->start('from', ' object method', ', this is nice');

4. Using Class Static Method

class SomeClass
    public static function method($arg1, $arg2, $arg3)
        file_put_contents('result.txt', $arg1 . $arg2 . $arg3);

And somewhere:

$worker = new Worker(__NAMESPACE__ . '\SomeClass::method');
$worker->start('from', ' class method', ', nice');