Extending the WordPress customizer

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The ultimate framework for theme developers using the WordPress Customizer


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Using Kirki theme developers can create rich experiences for the WordPress Customizer using best coding practices.

Included are more than 30 custom control types ranging from simple sliders to complex typography controls with Google-Fonts integration, automatic CSS generation, postMessage scripts automatically generated, tooltips and a lot of extras that make developing themes a lot faster for developers and meaningful for users.

Control Types

Premium controls are also available for premium themes:

All premium controls are also available as a pack

Theme developers should be familiar with the Customizer API before you start writing your theme using Kirki. An excellent handbook for the WordPress Customizer can be found on the website.

You can find detailed documentation on how to use Kirki on

Development and issues on Github.


Simply install as a normal WordPress plugin and activate.

If you want to integrate Kirki in your theme or plugin, please read the instructions on our documentation site.



Jun.25 2019, dev time: 30m

  • Fix: Google fonts getting constantly downloaded when WP_DEBUG was set to true

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