Deeplink URL generator for ARK based networks

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A PHP package to generate URLs compatible with ARKVault


Install the package in your project

composer require ardenthq/arkvault-url-php

Import the URLBuilder class

use Ardenthq\UrlBuilder\UrlBuilder;

Initiate the builder and generate your URL

$builder = new UrlBuilder();

$transferUrl = $builder->generateTransfer('DM7UiH4b2rW2Nv11Wu6ToiZi8MJhGCEWhP');
// >

$transferUrl = $builder->generateTransfer('DM7UiH4b2rW2Nv11Wu6ToiZi8MJhGCEWhP', [
  'amount' => 12.50,
  'memo' => 'My custom message'
// >

$voteUrl = $builder->generateVote('benchdark');
// >

$signUrl = $builder->generateMessageSign('message', ['address' => 'address']);
// >

$verifyUrl = $builder->generateMessageVerify(
	message: 'hello world',
	signatory: '025f81956d5826bad7d30daed2b5c8c98e72046c1ec8323da336445476183fb7ca',
	signature: '22f8ef55e8120fbf51e2407c808a1cc98d7ef961646226a3d3fad606437f8ba49ab68dc33c6d4a478f954c72e9bac2b4a4fe48baa70121a311a875dba1527d9d'
// >

For further customizations, you can use the following methods

// Custom coin
$builder->setCoin("Custom"); // Defaults to "ARK"

// Pass a custom nethash for the network
$builder->setNetwork("0123..ef)"; // Defaults to ARK's mainnet nethash

// Or pass the network using the `Networks` enum
// Import enum: `use Ardenthq\UrlBuilder\Enums\Networks;`

// Change the base URL by passing it into the constructor
new URLBuilder(""); // Defaults to


Analyze the code with phpstan

composer analyse

Refactor the code with php rector

composer refactor

Format the code with php-cs-fixer

composer format

Run tests

composer test


If you discover a security vulnerability within this package, please send an e-mail to All security vulnerabilities will be promptly addressed.


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.


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