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Extension of arashdalir/php-psr3log handler for udp-based syslog client for analog.

dev-master 2018-06-13 10:02 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-21 22:51:32 UTC


ArashDalir/UdpSysLog works as a bridge between analog/analog and arashdalir/psr3-log/handler/syslog which allows sending syslog events over UDP to a syslog server. It also can write syslog events into a local syslog.


Use following command to add the repository to your project:

composer require arashdalir/php-analog-udp-syslog

Or add following line to your composer.json:

  "require": {
     "arashdalir/php-analog-udp-syslog": "dev-master"


include 'vendor/autoload.php';
use ArashDalir\UdpSysLog\Handler\UdpSyslog;

$logger = new Analog\Logger();
Analog::$timezone = "Europe/Vienna";
$logger->handler(UdpSysLog::init('', 514, LOG_USER, \ArashDalir\Handler\SysLog\SysLogMessage::VERSION_1, "ada.gemik", "AnalogSysLog", "auto", null, 0));

$logger->alert("testing alert-level udp-syslog for analog");
$logger->alert("testing alert-level udp-syslog for analog");
$logger->alert("testing alert-level udp-syslog for analog");
$logger->info("testing info-level udp-syslog for analog");