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Filter DataObjects created with the DataObjectAsPage module - Allows for multi select and match all filters

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  • Aram Balakjian

Modules Required


Branch Requirements

  • 3.1 -> SilverStripe 3.1.x


Filtering System for DOAP Module. Allows you to create multiple category types attached to your DOAP in a many_many or has_many relationship.

Very simply configuration allows you to have a multi select filter (complete with linkingmode to allow styling of selected/unselected) or a select one filter. You can also choose between match any and match all.

Example 1

Restaurant Type is a select one filter Facilities is a multi select filter with Match All enabled

Example 2

Category is a multi select filter with Match Any enabled

Basic usage example

Your Listing page class:


class FilteredProductListingPage extends FilteredListingPage{

class FilteredProductListingPage_Controller extends FilteredListingPage_Controller
	//Layout template to use to when AJAX is enabled (ignore if AJAX disabled)
	private static $ajax_template = 'FilteredProductListingPage';

    //This needs to know be the Class of the DataObject you want this page to list
    private static $item_class = 'Product';
    //Set the sort for the items (defaults to Created DESC)
    private static $item_sort = 'Created DESC';
    //Disable AJAX filtering and reload the page when filtering (defaults to true)
    private static $ajax_filter = false;
	private static $filter_settings = array(
		'Categories' => array(
			'Title' => 'Choose Category',	//Required - Define the Title of the Filter
			'ClassName' => 'CategoryClass',//Required - The Class of the category you are filtering by (the one that extends DataObjectAsPageCategory)
			'Preposition' => 'in', 			//Optional - Define the preposition in the filter message, e.g. Products IN x or y category (Defaults to "in")
			'MultiSelect' => false, 		//Optional - Select Multiple options at once (default is true)
			'MatchAll' => false  			//Optional - Match all the multi selected items, i.e. select a Product which has category x AND y. Requires a Many_Many or Has_Many

Your DataObjectAsPage class:


class Product extends DataObjectAsPage 
    //The class of the page which will list this DataObject
    private static $listing_class = 'ProductListingPage';
    //Class Naming (optional but reccomended)
    private static $plural_name = 'Products';
    private static $singular_name = 'Product';
	//Category Relation
	static $many_many = array(
		'Categories' => 'ProductCategory'

Your Category class (add as many as you like):


class ProductCategory extends DataObjectAsPageCategory 
    //Listing Page Class
	private static $listing_page_class = 'FilteredProductListingPage';
	//Class Naming (optional but reccomended)
	private static $singular_name = 'Category';
	private static $plural_name = 'Categories';

    //Category Relation
	private static $belongs_many_many = array(
		'Product' => 'Product' 	


There is no styling on any of the filters by default. Have a look in the templates folder for examples of how to structure the markup and then just override these templates in your theme folder.