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🎉 Elasticsearch Repository Package

Elasticsearch Repository is a simple, smart implementation of Active Repository for Elasticsearch.

🔥 Features

  • provide active repository pattern over your elasticsearch indices, types.
  • bring query builder into your elasticsearch repositories.
  • Minimize lines of code for building elasticsearch queries with system with big business logic.
  • Prevent code duplication.
  • Reduce potential programming errors.

❕ Installation

grap it via composer

composer require mustafah15/elastic-repository


Elasticsearch Repository package is framework-agnostic and as such can be integrated easily natively or with your favorite framework.

✨ Usage

  • Extend ElasticRepository class as a repository for your type or index.
class schoolsRepository extends ElasticRepository 
    // method contains some bussiness logic 
    public function returnQueryWherename()
        $this->where('name', 'EGSchool', 0.5)->getResultQuery();

📋 Documentation


when you extend ElasticRepository class you will have get various functionality

setIndex(), setType()

The setIndex() and setType() methods for setting up your index name and type name into Repository:


The setSort() method adds main sort criteria for the query: sorting with _score by default when adding score function

// pass field name to sort by 


The setOrder() method to specify sort direction:



The setTransformer($transformer) to add transformer for your result transformer must implement TransformerContract


method get() to get result from your final query after building it using query builder:


The getResultWithScore($scoreFunction) method to get results after adding a score function: takes Query\FunctionScore $functionScore as a parameter to be applied to your results


the getResultQuery() return Query object


takes Query\FunctionScore $functionScore as a parameter to apply scoring to your query


Every ElasticRepository class have it's own query builder which have a lot of operations and functionlity that you can use.

where(), whereNot()

The where() and whereNot() methods adding must and must not to the main filter:

//attribute paramter then the expected value and optional value for the field boost
$queryBuilder->where($attribute, $value = null, $boost = 1.0);

whereIn(), whereNotIn()

The whereIn() and whereNotIn() methods adding Range to the main filter:

//attribute paramter then a optional value for the fields from and to
$queryBuilder->whereIn($attribute, $from = '', $to = '');



match($attribute, $keyword)

$queryBuilder->match('fieldName', $keywordToMatch);


  • caching support


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.