ClamAV network and pipe client for PHP

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Appwrite ClamAV PHP Client

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PHP Client to connect to ClamAV daemon over TCP or using a local socket from command line and scan your storage files for viruses.

Getting Started

Install using composer:

composer require appwrite/php-clamav

require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Appwrite\ClamAV\Network;

$clam = new Network('localhost', 3310); // Or use new Pipe() for unix socket

$clam->ping(); // Check ClamAV is up and running

$clam->version(); // Check ClamAV version

$clam->fileScan('path/to/file.dmg'); // Returns true if a file is clean or false if a file is infected

$clam->reload(); // Reload ClamAV database

$clam->shutdown(); // Shutdown ClamAV

System Requirements

This package requires PHP 7.1 or later. We recommend using the latest PHP version whenever possible.

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Copyright and license

The MIT License (MIT)