PHP Library for Barclays Partner Finance eFinance API

0.1.0 2014-02-14 20:29 UTC


A PHP library for interacting with the Barclays Bank eFinance API, for submitting new finance proposals to their online system (and receiving updates to proposals). The eFinance system is part of the Barclays Partner Finance package, and you can get more information from their website:

The package is written in PHP and uses SOAP to send data to the API. All you need to do is construct simple arrays which are passed to the library and you're done.

$bef = new bef_proposalEnquiry();

$bef->add_data('ClientReference', 'A4');
$bef->add_data('ProposalID', 8323);


Installing with Composer

You can add the source files to your application with composer which eliminates the need to require the files, enabling the classes to be called at any time.

Add appliedorder/barclays-efinance-api-library to the contents of your composer.json:

    "require": {
        "appliedorder/barclays-efinance-api-library": ">=0.1.0"


Copyright (c) 2014 Ben Griffiths (

Licensed under the MIT License (