Manage VPC via Lambda Custom Resources for CloudFormation



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Author: Fabrizio Branca

"Inspired" by this blog post (code)

This template is intended to be used with StackFormation - a CLI tool that helps you manage and deploy CloudFormation stacks and also does some preprocessing (e.g. introduces Fn::FileContent)

This concept of setting up a VPC consists of two parts:

1.) Deploy the vpc.template for the basic VPC and Internet Gateway setup

2.) Deploy the az.template for every availability zone you want to use in your VPC. This template will create a public and a private subnet including all routes (+ tables + associations) and a NAT Gateway (+ Elastic IP) Using a separate template for every AZ allows you to keep the code DRY. StackFormation' s prefixed template merging feature helps you to combine all the AZ templates into one and deploy them as a single CloudFormation template. Check blueprints.example.yml for an example.