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This module implements Piwik user and e-commerce tracking into Thelia. It reports the following tracking events:

User Tracking

This module uses the main.body-bottom hook to include the piwik javascript bug into the frontend of a Thelia installation. Most user activities can therefor be tracked. This includes Content Tracking and User ID Tracking for logged in customers.

E-commerce Tracking

Additional to the user tracking, these e-commerce events are tracked:

  • Tracking Ecommerce Orders & Items Purchased
  • Tracking Add to Cart & Items Added to the Cart
  • Tracking Product Page Views & Category Page Views

Have a look at the Piwik e-commerce analytics docs for more information.

Note that the cart and order tracking uses the PHP Client for Piwik Analytics Tracking API to communicate with Piwik. This events are still tracked, even if the Piwik JavaScript tracker is blocked by an ad or privacy blocker.


Before installing this module, make sure, that e-commerce tracking is enabled in Piwik for the site you want to use.

Manual Installation

  • Copy the module into <thelia_root>/local/modules/ directory and be sure that the name of the folder is HookPiwikAnalytics or
  • use the Install or update a module functionality in the modules section of the Thelia back office


composer require animal/hook-piwik-analytics-module

After finishing the installation, activate the module in the modules section of the back office and fill in Piwik URL and Website ID.


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