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Bring structs to PHP

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While we wait for typed properties to be implemented within PHP classes, let's have fun finding ways to implement this language feature on our own!


Install the Angle\Structure package via Composer:

composer require angle/structure

Your First Struct

Structs are php classes that make the use of the Structure trait. The trait will take over the class constructor, so make shure you use it only for strong typing properties (which structs are for basically).


namespace App\Structs;

use Angle\Structure\Structure;
use Carbon\Carbon;

class CarStruct
    use Structure;

    public $id = 0;
    public $model = '';
    public $mark = '';
    public $range = 0;
    public $power = 0.0;
    public $createdAt = Carbon::class;

To create the struct, simply instantiate a new object with an array of properties:


use App\Structs\CarStruct;

$car = new CarStruct([
    'id' => 12,
    'model' => 'Model S',
    'mark' => 'Tesla',
    'range' => 315,
    'power' => 560,
    'createdAt' => Carbon::now(),

If any of the parameters are not of expected value, the constructor will throw an InvalidArgumentException error.



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