v0.4.0 2014-02-05 10:42 UTC


A ZF2 module that add view helper IncludeComponent. Lightweight instrument for insert into the page a finished local block witch implements chain: model-template-cache.

The plugin includes three elements: service, view and cache.

Basic Using

    <?= $this->includeComponent('bank-info', 	
                                array('id' = $this->id), 
                                array()) ?>

There are 4 parameters:

  1. Registered service name.
  2. View file name. It point as for view helper "partial"
  3. Initial data to betray to service.
  4. Local configuration array.

Installation via Composer


1. Add to composer.

    "require" : {
        "andydune/rzn-view-component": "dev-master"

2. Copy config file ( to your application autoload dir if you need to change basic configuration.

3. Add module to application config (/config/application.config.php)

   'modules' => array(


Here is basic configuration:

return array(
    'rznviewcomponent' => array(
        'cache_service' => 'cache_view_component',
        'cache_adapter' => array(
                                'name' => 'filesystem',
                                'options' => array(
                                    'ttl' => 3600,
                                    'dirLevel' => 2,
                                    'file_locking' => false,
                                    'cacheDir' => 'data/cache',
                                    'dirPermission' => 0755,
                                    'filePermission' => 0666,
        'cache_remove_item_key' => 'slay_component_cache', 
        'cache_allow'   => false, // check cache adapter options and set true to enable component cache
        'view_script_prefix' => '', // not used yet
        'use_result_object' => false

If you want to make changes copy /module.config.php to /config/autoload/ or insert part of configuration array into your application config.

Config parameters

1. cache_service

Name of cache service. Module has its own desctipted cashe service "cache_view_component".You can specify you own service which implements Zend\Cache\Storage\StorageInterface.

2. cache_adapter

Configuration array for Zend cache factory. Here is default values.

3. cache_remove_item_key

Parameter specifies the name of a variable from a query, a positive value which resets the cache component of the current site page. Specify a blank value, if you want to disable this ability.


3. use_result_object

By default view helper includeComponent returns html to show on a site page. If you need helper returns extra data (tile for block, result flag) set true. What values component will return you need to define in the fourth parameter of helper. For this purpose use the key result_key_return.


    <?= $this->includeComponent('bank-info', 'component/bank-info', 	
                                array('id' = $this->id), 
                                array('result_key_return' => array('title'))) ?>

Value for title comes from data array which service bank-info transfers into view. Result object implements array interface and has magic function __toString.


Please see


Plugin can be used. The detailed description will be provided later.