SilverStripe Ignite Theme (Starter Silverstripe HTML/PostCSS/Webpack Tooling Base)

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This is a bare essentials HTML/PostCSS/Webpack tooling base. It's meant as a starter kit, and a base to your tooling workflow, but not a full fledged theme. It has some base styles and functionality that are relevant to a Silverstripe site. It includes webpack configuration tasks for PostCSS, SVG sprites, Babel, and BrowserSync.


  • Download and add to your theme folder. Then rename and point to the new theme.
  • If not already setup on globally on your local machine, then setup Node ( and NPM ( Run 'npm install' at the command line of the theme directory to add all the necessary packages.
  • Go into and update the local server info.
  • Run 'npm start' at the command line to watch with webpack and to open a testing server.