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SMTPMailer for Silverstripe

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3.1.0 2016-05-13 11:12 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-29 03:56:23 UTC



Silverstripe 3.3.x


add the following to your _ss_environment.php

// smtpmailer
define('SMTPMAILER', json_encode([
	"charset_encoding" => "utf-8", // E-mails characters encoding, e.g. : 'utf-8' or 'iso-8859-1'
	"debug_level" => "0", // Print debugging informations. 0 = no debuging, 1 = print errors, 2 = print errors and messages, 4 = print full activity
    "debug_stop" => true, // Stop Script on debugging. true = echo and die, false = echo can be catched by ob_start(); $var = ob_get_clean();
	"credentials" => [
		"default" => [
			"server_address" => "", // SMTP server address
			"server_port" => "465", // SMTP server port. Set to 25 if no encryption or tls. Set to 465 if ssl
			"secure_connection" => "ssl", // SMTP encryption method : Set to '' or 'tls' or 'ssl'
			"do_authenticate" => true, // Turn on SMTP server authentication. Set to false for an anonymous connection
			"username" => "__EMAILADDRESS__", // SMTP server username, if do_authenticate == true
			"password" => "__PASSWORD__", // SMTP server password, if do_authenticate == true
			"from" => "__EMAILADDRESS__" // From Address: e.g. "My Name" <>, optional, use when from address needs to be fixed
		"log" => false // false or array with credentials

// Error Log Email Address
define('LOG_EMAIL','__EMAIL__'); // logs will be send to this address, if defined

default and log credentials are mendatory. if you want to offer different smtp gateways inside your app, just add them to the credentials array.

selecting a special credentials set for an email is done by setting the credentials config

Config::inst()->update('SmtpMailer', 'credentials', '__CREDENTIALS_SET__'); // "default" by default


Example code for fetching debugging return code and using it inside your application

$settings = Config::inst()->get('SmtpMailer', 'settings');
$settings['debug_level'] = 4;
$settings['debug_stop'] = false;
Config::inst()->update('SmtpMailer', 'settings', $settings);

// start collecting the echo messages

$email = new Email();
$success = $email->sendPlain();

// write echo messages into Variable
$echoes = ob_get_clean();

if(!success) die($echoes);


This repository uses the git flow paradigm. After each release cycle, do not forget to push tags, master and develop to the remote origin

git push --tags
git push origin develop
git push origin master