Frontend orderable paginated lists

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  • Andre Lohmann (Nickname: andrelohmann)


Silverstripe 3.2.x


This Module provides a nice paradigm to build orderable collections on the frontend The orderable list will be paginated and ajaxified (


create an OrderablePaginatedList in your controller action and add an ajax statement

class MyController extends Controller {

	public function orderableobjects(){
        $List = MyOrderableObject::get()->sort('Sort');
        $MyOrderableObjects = new OrderablePaginatedList($List, $this->request);
        // if the sortable list is a many many relation
        // $MyOrderableObjects->setOwner($OwnerObject)->setManyMany('NAME_OF_MANY_MANY_RELATION');
		if($this->request->isAjax()) {
			return $this->customise(array(
                "Objects" => $MyOrderableObjects->process(), // process the ordering after OrderablePaginatedList has all information it needs (pageLength, SortField, Owner, ManyManyRelation)
				"URL" => $this->request->getURL(true) // add this for BackURL parameter
		return $this->customise(new ArrayData(array(
			"Title" => "My Orderable Objects",
			"Objects" => $MyOrderableObjects,
			"URL" => $this->request->getURL(true) // add this for BackURL parameter
			array('Page_orderableobjects', $this->stat('template_main'), $this->stat('template'))

use templates/Layout/ and templates/Includes/ as base templates to build your own orderable paginated lists


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