HtmlToImageView plugin for CakePHP

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HtmlToImageView plugin for CakePHP

This plugin renders html views as image (jpg or png) using wkhtmltoimage command line utility from WkHtmlToPdf package.



You can install this plugin into your CakePHP application using Composer.

composer require andrej-griniuk/cakephp-html-to-image-view


First of all you need to load the plugin in your bootstrap.php

Plugin::load('HtmlToImageView', ['bootstrap' => true, 'routes' => true]);

This will enable jpeg and png extensions on any route. Alternatively you could load the plugin without 'routes' => true and only enable extensions on the routes you would like.

Layout path and templates sub dir are img, e.g. you'll need to create src/Template/Layout/img/defaut.ctp for your image views and and image view template would be, for example, src/Template/Events/img/view.ctp. Then simply call, for example, http://localhost/events/view.jpg to render your view as image.

Default path to wkhtmltoimage binary is /usr/bin/wkhtmltoimage. You can change it by setting HtmlToImageView.binary configuration variable:

Configure::write('HtmlToImageView.binary', '/another/path/to/wkhtmltoimage');

You can pass some options to wkhtmltoimage from your view via $this->viewOptions(['imageOptions' => [...]). List of available options:

  • crop-h - Set height for cropping
  • crop-w - Set width for cropping
  • crop-x - Set x coordinate for cropping
  • crop-y - Set y coordinate for cropping
  • format - Output file format (jpg/png)
  • width - Set screen width, note that this is used only as a guide line (default 1024)
  • height - Set screen height (default is calculated from page content)
  • zoom - Zoom level
  • quality - Output image quality (between 0 and 100) (default 94)

For example:

    'imageOptions' => [
        'width' => 250,
        'zoom' => 2

See the full documentation and installation instruction for wkhtmltoimage at the project website

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Copyright (c) 2018, Andrej Griniuk and licensed under The MIT License.