This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the andreapollastri/exceptionframework package instead.

modern and lightest PHP framework developed with love for developers

2.9.9 2018-04-17 09:45 UTC


</> Francesca Framework

Modern And Lightest PHP Framework Developed With For Developers


  • extremely easy to learn and use
  • friendly and commented construction
  • multi-tenant configurations and apps manager
  • composer installation
  • custom CLI tools
  • schelude cron tasks
  • MVC http routing
  • classes autoloader
  • middlewares support
  • RESTful support
  • MySql and Sqlite ORM
  • native PSR-4 support
  • only 70kb files size
  • PHP Unit Test support
  • active updates and support

Get Started

Install last version of Francesca Framework via Composer:

$public_html_root> composer create-project andreapollastri/francescaframework .

Create a new environment linked to your domain:

$public_html_root> php fra create-env

Create a new application workspace:

$public_html_root> php fra create-app my-app-name

Edit your environment file.

Enjoy Francesca :)


You can find an useful documentation on official website:


All you need is a good and professional web hosting service or cloud VPS.

  • Apache based web-server (or hybrid nigix/Apache)
  • PHP 7.0 version or later
  • PDO extension
  • Composer extension
  • SSH access to public root with writible permission on it


Francesca Framework is under the MIT license.