anders und sehr: Redirects Exporter - Exports your redirect to nginx rewrites

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# fill sys_redirect.tx_ausredirects_exporter_resolved column
typo3 andersundsehr:redirects-expoter:export
# creates $HOST.txt file on your project root and writes nginx rulesets which were generated in sys_redirect.tx_ausredirects_exporter_resolved previously
typo3 andersundsehr:redirects-expoter:writer

If you want to clear the column to recreate all sys_redirect.tx_ausredirects_exporter_resolved again and not just the ones holding null

typo3 andersundsehr:redirects-expoter:clear

If you start the job again it will try to solve all entries which are null or old


  • we plan to export the entries to a configurable file included in nginx directly

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