A dev dependency helper to set up a magento instance, to be used for testing modules

0.1.20 2023-12-15 11:45 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-15 13:27:35 UTC


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Quickly provision a disposable magento docker instance for testing against.


  • Booting a full instance for you to click around and run manual or other automated tests on
  • Integration testing a module
  • Unit testing a module
  • Runs the same locally as in your CI pipeline (the sample module demonstrates travis)

We try to keep these installations as vanilla and untouched as possible. However, there are a few caveats

  • This is for test use only, not for production or any deployed environment. This uses to pull in Magento which should not be used for production.
  • 2FA modules are disabled by default to allow easier admin access


Run ./bin/mtest-make to see all supported versions

$ ./bin/mtest-make

2-3-7       Launch 2.3.7
2-3-7-p1    Launch 2.3.7-p1
2-3-7-p2    Launch 2.3.7-p2
2-3-7-p3    Launch 2.3.7-p3
2-3-7-p4    Launch 2.3.7-p4
2-4-0       Launch 2.4.0
2-4-1       Launch 2.4.1
2-4-2       Launch 2.4.2
2-4-3       Launch 2.4.3
2-4-4       Launch 2.4.4
2-4-4-p1    Launch 2.4.4-p1
2-4-4-p2    Launch 2.4.4-p2
2-4-4-p3    Launch 2.4.4-p3
2-4-5       Launch 2.4.5
2-4-5-p1    Launch 2.4.5-p1
2-4-5-p2    Launch 2.4.5-p2
2-4-6       Launch 2.4.6
2-latest    Launch the latest 2.x series

Full Installation

You can install by cloning this repo

git clone
cd magento-docker-test-instance
FULL_INSTALL=1 ./bin/mtest-make 2-4-5

# run commands inside the  container
./bin/mtest 'vendor/bin/n98-magerun2 config:store:set test/some/config 123'

or pull it in as a composer dependency

composer require --dev ampersand/magento-docker-test-instance:"^0.1"
FULL_INSTALL=1 vendor/bin/mtest-make 2-4-5

# run commands inside the  container
vendor/bin/mtest 'vendor/bin/n98-magerun2 config:store:set test/some/config 123'

That will allow you to then browse with the credentials admin/somepassword123

Partial Installation for running unit/integration tests

Please see this sample module for instructions on how to run your custom integration/unit tests.


We have the following environment variables which can be overridden when running the ./vendor/bin/mtest-make command

ENV VAR Default value/contents Example
UNIT_TESTS_PATH src/Test/Unit UNIT_TESTS_PATH='Tests/Unit' vendor/bin/mtest-make 2-4-5
INTEGRATION_TESTS_PATH src/Test/Integration INTEGRATION_TESTS_PATH='Tests/Integration' vendor/bin/mtest-make 2-4-5
COMPOSER_AUTH_JSON_LOCATION ./Dockerfile-assets/auth.json contains {} COMPOSER_AUTH_JSON_LOCATION=~/.composer/auth.json vendor/bin/mtest-make 2-4-5
COMPOSER_REQUIRE_EXTRA COMPOSER_REQUIRE_EXTRA='some/suggested-module another/suggested-module' vendor/bin/mtest-make 2-4-5
COMPOSER_AFTER_INSTALL_COMMAND COMPOSER_AFTER_INSTALL_COMMAND='cp foo.txt bar.txt' vendor/bin/mtest-make 2-4-5
TWOFACTOR_ENABLED 0 Whether the magento 2fa modules are enabled by default, can be 1 or 0


# this will allow xdebug on port 9010 and docker.for.mac.localhost

You can configure in the docker container /home/ampersand/.phpenv/versions/*/etc/conf.d/xdebug.ini for your own set up, preconfigured for use at Ampersand.