Yii - Bootstrap 3 Starter Theme

dev-master 2013-08-27 07:01 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-06 12:39:25 UTC


This is a simple Yii theme for getting you up and running with Twitter's bootstrap. It is simply a theme and not a full-blown extension like Chris83's.

It does not have programming widgets because it is meant for people who prefer to write out all of the markup/code themselves.

This theme does not contain any of the actual Twitter Bootstrap code. It gets the latest css and js files from

However, it does contain the html5shiv.js and respond.js for IE8 support.


  • Extract files into the Yii application at themes/[name of theme]/


  • Add theme info into main configuration
return array(
    'name'=>'My Web Application',
    'theme'=>'[name of theme]', // THIS LINE HERE
  • Update versions if desired (in views/layouts/main.php)

// define versions
$bootstrapVersion = "3.0.0";
$fontAwesomeVersion = "3.2.1";
$jqueryVersion = "2.0.3";
$queryUiVersion = "1.10.3";