Yii2 ordering module for shopping sites

v1.0.0 2017-04-21 07:20 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-11-13 15:24:49 UTC


How to install this module:

Step1: First add flowing codes into project composer.json

"repositories": [
        "type": "gitlab",
        "url": ""

Then add flowing line to require part of composer.json :

"aminkt/yii2-ordering-module": "*",

And after that run bellow command in your composer :

Composer update aminkt/yii2-ordering-module

Step2: Add flowing lines in modules part of your application config:

'ordering' => [
    'class' => \aminkt\ordering\Order::className(),
    'orderModelName' => models\Order::className(),
    'orderItemModelName' => models\OrderItem::className(),
    'customerProfileModelName' => models\Customer::className(),
    'productModelName' => models\Product::className(),

step3: Add flowing lines in components part of your application config:

'order' => [
    'class' => aminkt\ordering\components\Order::className(),
    'orderModel'=> models\Order::className(),
    'orderItemModel'=> models\OrderItem::className(),

Step4: Implement

  • OrderInterface in your orders model
  • OrderItemInterface in your orderItems model
  • CustomerProfileInterface in you customer users model
  • ProductInterface in your products model

Step5: Enjoy from module.

Created by Amin Keshavarz

Gitlab repo