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Backend Redirect Bundle is an extension for Contao CMS version 4.


Use Composer to add the bundle to your Contao application:

composer require ameotoko/backend-redirect


This bundle adds a backend route to your application (/contao/redirect by default). You can supply a query string to it, and it will redirect you to a correspondent backend module after adding proper request token and ref. If you have to login, you'll be redirected to /contao/login first.


Sometimes you might want to let your backend users to access a record editing form, using a direct link, like /contao?do=members&act=edit&id=42. For instance, your application might be sending notifications to your editors, where they can click on such a link in the email and proceed directly to editing the record.

Prior to version 5.1, Contao's backend firewall will not let you do it directly – it will force your editors to go through a confirmation screen like this:

which is not a good UX for your editors. With this extension, you can give them links like this:

It will redirect to:


  1. This will only work for idempotent actions that do not directly change or delete database records, such as e.g. ?act=edit. In other cases, request token will not be added, and Contao's token check will still kick in.
  2. Starting from version 5.1, Contao does not require request token for idempotent actions anymore, so you do not need this bundle (see contao/contao#5461).


You can customize the URL path using route prefix:

# config/routes.yaml
    resource: '@AmeotokoBackendRedirectBundle/Resources/config/_definition.yaml'
    prefix: /contao/my-redirect

The endpoint will now be


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Please make sure to update tests as appropriate.