Fix Product Collection Changes issue in Magento 2.4.5 by Amasty

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1.0.2 2022-11-25 09:53 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-26 13:19:36 UTC


After upgrade Magento to version 2.4.5 you can see this error: TypeError: Magento\Elasticsearch\Model\ResourceModel\Fulltext\Collection\SearchResultApplier::categoryProductByCustomSortOrder(): Argument #1 ($categoryId) must be of type int, array given

This bug is related to the latest Magento changes and custom extensions like Amasty Improved Layered Navigation.

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If you are Amasty customer, you can fix this error by installing additional package from our private repository:

composer require amasty/module-mage-2.4.5-fix

But this case can be reproduced without our extension. This is why we made this package public.