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Let your clients leave honest reviews on your products and share them with friends via the Magento 2 Facebook Comments extension.

Key features:

  1. Insert the comment section to any place of your website
  2. Change Facebook Comments display according to your website design
  3. Let customers share their thoughts about your products via Facebook
  4. Get more trust from users

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How can reviews affect your revenue?

According to statistics, 77% of online shoppers check reviews before purchasing, and 74% visit the Facebook page and other social networks of a brand before making purchasing decisions. Thus, placing reliable and trustworthy reviews on prod pages is a must for every online store.

Why do you need to use the Amasty Facebook comments?

Gain customers trust

Facebook Comments get more customers’ trust than Magento 2 reviews because they are not moderated by admins. So store owners or other managers can’t hide negative reviews and publish only positive ones. But don’t worry about spam or inappropriate content. With our extension, merchants can Embed, Collapse, and Report a customer's comment.

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Increase brand awareness

Integration with Facebook lets your clients leave a comment about your product if they have an account in this social network and share it with friends. Chat about your Magento 2 store on Facebook will increase brand awareness and attract new customers.

Other users can like Facebook comments and reply right on the Magento 2 product page. Also, the extension allows sorting comments by Newest or by creation date on the frontend.

Configure display options for your store

Magento 2 Facebook Comments is easy to customize to meet your website design requirements. You can set the size of the embed block, select the number of Facebook reviews per page you want to show, choose default or custom CSS style: image Info

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