Laravel Json Locations Manager. Import all app language strings from lang folder

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This is a package to manage json strings for the new Laravel 5.4 Localization Translation Strings As Keys. Using Translation Strings As Keys

Composer require

$ composer require amamarul/laravel-json-locations-manager

Add Provider into config/app.php


For Only local environment

Add the following to the AppServiceProvider in the register function:


 if ($this->app->environment() == 'local' || $this->app->environment() == 'testing') {
      * Load third party local providers

Package install

Run in console this command

$ php artisan amamarul:location:install

This command install database and will ask if you want to import the existing locations in the application. There are 2 questions, the first to import the strings in arrays and the second to import the existing strings into json files. This will pupulate the database with all strings. You don't need to run artisan migrate, this package uses an independent database (sqlite).

Other Console Command

You can publish all languages Json files in console running

$ php artisan amamarul:location:publish

Of course you also can do that in browser views.

Manage Locations

Now you can access to /translations/home in your browser and manage all langs strings.

  • Search Language Strings
  • Add new Language
  • Add new Strings
  • Edit Strings
  • Publish / Update json Files

Publish the views and config file

$ php artisan vendor:publish --provider='Amamarul\LaravelJsonLocationsManager\Providers\LaravelJsonLocationsManagerServiceProvider'

In the config file you can call your custom layout, the content section and the scripts section (this is important for the edit views) and routes prefix and middlewares.

Routes middlewares

in config file you can add your middlewares, by default is only 'web' middleware

Feel free to send improvements

Created by amamarul

To Improve

There are a problem with the route('') in the strings. In Json generation they are converted to url format('http://...'). If you don´t use helpers that is no a problem, but I would like to solve that. If someone discover the way to fix that I would appreciate it very much.

Some Screenshots

Home View Language View 1 Language View 2 Language Edit 1 Individual String View