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This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-01-09 09:43:32 UTC


This package needs Laravel 5.x

Begin by installing this package through Composer. Require it directly from the Terminal to take the last stable version:

$ composer require alyahmmed/facebook-pixel dev-master

Once this operation completes, you must add the service provider. Open app/config/app.php, and add a new item to the providers array.

'providers' => [
    // ...

At this point the inliner should be already working with the default options. If you want to fine-tune these options, you can do so by publishing the configuration file:

$ php artisan vendor:publish --provider=Alyahmmed\FacebookPixel\FacebookPixelProvider

Edit config file config/facebook.php with your FB app details.

Add the following to your main route file routes/web.php feel free to alter these routes to what suits you best

Route::group(['namespace' => 'Backend', 'prefix' => '/backend'], function()
    Route::get('/pixel_stats', "FacebookAdsController@stats");