RabbitMQ plugin for CakePHP

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Carrot Cake is a CakePHP plugin for publishing and subscribing to RabbitMQ queues/exchanges.

BTW we like to pronounce it like in japanese: Kyarottokēki (キャロットケーキ), that's why we wrote it that way in the title 😄.


You can install this plugin into your CakePHP application using composer.

The recommended way to install composer packages is:

composer require alvarium/carrot-cake



You can create a defaults settings file by adding a rabbit.php file under your config file. The plugin will take that settings as defaults but you'll be able to overwrite them later on each loaded component.

The contents of such file can be with any of the following settings:


return [
  'rabbit' => [
    'server' => [
      'host' => 'rabbit',
      'port' => 5672,
      'user' => 'guest',
      'password' => 'guest',
      'vhost' => '/',
      'type' => 'direct',
    'behavior' => [
      // Check out the behavior section for details about its settings
    'component' => [
      // Check out the component section for details about its settings

Publisher Behavior

First you'll need to load the behavior in the desired table, when doing so you can override any of the previously defined settings + some specific settings for the behavior, like the used exchange (by default is tablename):

namespace App\Model\Table;

use Cake\ORM\Table;
class ArticlesTable extends Table
  public function initialize(array $config)

      'Alvarium/CarrotCake.Publisher' => [
        'vhost' => '/custom-vhost',
        'exchange' => 'custom_exchange_name',

By default the behavior will send payloads to exchange.route, where route can be any of:

  • created
  • updated
  • deleted

Of course you can change these too by setting a routes key and set your desired names for each route:

  'Alvarium/CarrotCake.Publisher' => [
    'routes' => [
      'create' => 'published',
      'update' => 'changed',
      'delete' => 'unpublished',


  • Publisher
    • Behavior
    • Component
  • Consumer
    • Component


MIT License

Copyright (c) 2019