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Hello! This is php-imap-client. This is a simple and easy to use class for connecting to imap servers and working with the emails inside. Our well-known features are:

  • simple interface
  • Get emails and folders
  • Move, delete, count emails
  • Rename, delete and
  • Get attachments
  • Many more


php-imap-client is heavily documented. The docs can be accessed here.

Getting started

If you would like help getting started, we have a guide here.


If you need help setting up connections. Read our connecting guide.

Error database

Have an error? Read up on our error database to see what is going wrong.


Need help installing our library? Check out our install guide.


Want a full list of methods? Check it out right here.


Using this library is not hard. Why not read our usage guide.


Need a nice little pointer? Check out our examples here.

Incoming messages

Any message in the inbox is called an incoming message 'round these parts. Read up on them here.


If you would like to be a lamb and help us out check out our contributing guide.

Copyright info

Copyright (c) 2016-2017 Tobias Zeising,
Licensed under the MIT license