Project template for Drupal 8 projects with composer, also Pantheon; from Cornell University CIT-CD.

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Drupal 8.4.x + Composer

(...and CircleCI, and Pantheon, and...)

This project is a Drupal 8 codebase based on drupal-composer/drupal-project, drupal-composer/drupal-scaffold, pantheon-systems/example-drops-8-composer, plus the changes I had to make to be able to upgrade to the 4.x branch of Drupal 8 -- a process that wasn't super easy, b/c of some gaps in my knowledge, and oh btw the 4.x branch relies on a newer major version of Symfony :D FWIW, this d.o thread was extremely helpful for me: (Drush 8.x doesn't install Drupal 8.4.x and Drush master doesn't install Drupal 8.3.x)

CU Bear distro packages:

Note: This distro uses the Bootstrap-based custom theme cwd_base_bootstrap, and the custom admin theme cwd_admin. Please take care in updating these theme packages on "child sites" built from this starter kit.

What's inside

  • drupal-composer/drupal-project
  • upgraded Drupal core to 8.4.0-beta1
    • which included changes to composer.json from the regular drupal-composer/drupal-project
      • ps this was somewhat of a nightmare -- apparently 8.4.0 requires a newer major version of symfony, and that caused all sorts of pain...
      • this thread was one of my main resources:
  • custom theme packages (included via composer)
  • added some of the pantheon files from pantheon-systems/example-drops-8-composer
  • added all config from our working demo site (omitted link)
    • (if you work with me, ping me and I'll give you the site UUID for importing the config)
  • @todo: add a few more details from what's on confluence (i.e. ctypes)

See also

Refer to the drupal-composer/drupal-scaffold README for more info about that project template, and how to use it (and therefore how to use this project).

Refer to the pantheon-systems/terminus-build-tools-plugin README for more info about using terminus build:project:create (below) and other build funtionality.



NOTE: For best results, make sure your Drush version is updated to the latest stable version, Drush 8.1.12.

  1. git clone ajm-cubear-vanilla
  2. cd ajm-cubear-vanilla
  3. composer install
  4. Then install drupal using the config_installer install profile (via UI, or drush).

That's it! :) Enjoy your new Drupal 8.4.x + composer site!

For a Pantheon site

(i.e. on Pantheon but without the GH/CircleCI jazz)

These instructions are similar to "Basic," but unfinished :) @todo: Basically, create an empty pantheon site, clone the repo down, completely replace the code with the code from THIS repo, run composer install, update .gitignore so you can commit all those composer-generated artifacts to the repo, push back to pantheon, and then proceed with the process above -- using terminus drush commands, and skipping the "cd" commands of course; probably will need to wipe the database that was created by the Pantheon "drops 8" install, before anything else; may need to edit the "upstream" setting for the site from drops-8 to empty. (If necessary, add back in the site UUID manipulation steps that used to be in the "Basic" instructions.)


The vvanilla branch is a much plainer codebase -- no config or Pantheon files -- see my commit #7d4a62e message for more info.

Pantheon + GH + CircleCI instructions

  1. Prerequisites: Terminus (1.x) and terminus-build-tools-plugin -- need to use 2.x branch (as of 2017-08-22 there's a 2.0.0-alpha2 tag).
  2. IMPORTANT: When you're done, do NOT make changes/commits to your new site codebase from the GH interface -- there's a .gitignore thing from the Pantheon template, that's totally on-purpose, but it means that files will be lost if you commit in GH, so we might need to undo that, idk yet.
  3. Other heads-ups:
    1. You'll be prompted for GitHub and CircleCI personal access tokens, but the prompts have documentation links, so just follow those as you go along.
      1. Alternatively, you can set your tokens ahead of time like this:
    2. You'll also be prompted for a password for "user 1" on the new site you're about to create; personally, I leave it blank and use drush user-login after installation, i.e.
      terminus drush -- uli
      1. "user 1" username will be "admin."
    3. IMPORTANT: While most of the build takes care of itself, toward the end you'll get two "authenticity of host can't be established" prompts -- make sure you type "yes"!!
  4. Create or edit ~/.terminus/config.yml (in your local env), to add a "starter site shortcut" like these examples.
    1. Mine contains the following:
              cubear-starter-kit: cubear/drupal-8-starter-kit:dev-master
  5. Then, run terminus build:project:create with the applicable options -- my command looks like this:
    terminus build:project:create --team="cornell-university-cornell-information-technologies" --org="CU-CommunityApps" --admin-email="" cubear-starter-kit ajm-cubear-vanilla
    1. Full documentation is over in the terminus-build-tools-plugin README, but briefly: --org is to set the child site's GitHub repo to be owned by an org (if you leave the option off, it will be owned by your personal GitHub account -- you can always transfer ownership to later), --admin-email is the email to use for Drupal user 1 (defaults to your personal GitHub account email) cubear-starter-kit is the shortcut we set in the previous step, and ajm-cubear-vanilla is the name of your new Pantheon site and GitHub repo.
  6. Now, clone the repo FROM github to your local, do work locally, and push changes back up to github -- that will trigger CircleCI builds, and eventual merging of changes into "dev" on Pantheon.
    1. OR, better, yet, create a new branch locally and use a Pull Request workflow :)

Next steps

  • Optionally, update the README in your new site repo with the CircleCI badge, so that it's easier to get from your repo to that project's CircleCI things (for some reason the badge isn't getting automatically added right now). You can get the "status badge" embed code by going to your project on CircleCI (example) > settings gear at top-right > "status badge" in left sidebar menu.
  • Configure redis (enable the add-on in Pantheon, update settings.php, enable the Drupal module)
  • Enable NewRelic in Pantheon.
  • Enable daily/weekly backups in Pantheon (if service level allows).
  • Check your "Basic site settings" (admin/config/system/site-information) and Update Manager settings (admin/reports/updates/settings).


@todo: add instructions for updating/contributing to this starter kit @todo: mention possible "Ivy" distro