CropperJs integration to PHP / Nette framework

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Integration of gumlet/php-image-resize and cropperjs to Nette Froms

How it looks like?

Example of usage Library can be use as Nette control for picking / croping image forexample for profile picture and etc. github flavoured markdown - e.g.

namespace App\Model\Components\UserForm;  
use Gumlet\ImageResize;  
use MS\Entity\UserEntity;  
use MS\Forms\BaseForm;  
class UserForm extends BaseForm {  
  public $id;  
  /** Your constructor etc... */  
  public function defineForm() {  
  $this->addImage('profile_picture','Zvolte obrázek',$this->imageService->getRealPathsFromId($user->profile_picture)->low)  
 ->ignoreAscpectRatioWhileValidate() ->setThumbnailRatio(0.3)  
  public function save($values) {  
  /** @var UserEntity $user */  
  $user = $this->userMapper->loadEntityById($this->id);  
  /** Other stuff */  
 //Check if picture is ok  
 if($values->profile_picture instanceof ImageResize) {  
  //Save picture  
  //$values->profile_picture is [gumlet/php-image-resize] see library for more info
  $user->profile_picture = $this->imageService->saveProfilePicture($values->profile_picture);  
 }  //Do other stuff like updateing database

How to install?

You need to add javascript file to your app

<link rel="stylesheet" href="cropper.min.all.js">

File path is img-cropper/dist/cropper.min.all.js You also need bootstrap and jQuery.

I recommend to also add this to your BaseForm

protected function addImage($name, $label ='',$value = '') {  
return $this[$name] = (new ImageControl($value,$label));  

Now you are ready to use


Dont use nette?

its possible to use it just with normal php. Look at example.php