A simple tool to turn DOM into Algolia search friendly record objects.

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A simple tool to turn DOM into Algolia search friendly record objects.

It has been built with Wordpress articles indexing in mind, but the tool is now abstracted enough to be re-used on other type of projects.

For now the parsed DOM will result in the minimum possible number of records, meaning that if a node has at least one child, it will never have a record on its own. If we need such a behaviour, we could easily add it.


This lib needs mbstring PHP extension to be enabled. Also make sure mbregex is NOT disabled.


$ composer require algolia/php-dom-parser


Simple usage

Here is a simple example where we grab the content of an article of Algolia's blog and parse it to obtain the records.

$article = file_get_contents('');

$parser = new \Algolia\DOMParser();

// Exclude content by CSS selectors.

// Only parse what is inside a given CSS selectors.
// If there are multiple nodes matching, they will all be parsed.

// Define your attributes sibling.
        'title1'  => 'h1',
        'title2'  => 'h2',
        'title3'  => 'h3',
        'title4'  => 'h4',
        'title5'  => 'h5',
        'title6'  => 'h6',
        'content' => 'p, ul, ol, dl, table',

// Add some attributes that will be part of every record.
    'url'    => '',
    'visits' => 1933,

// Turn the DOM into Algolia search friendly records.
$records = $parser->parse($article);


You will find some example of scripts / outputs in the examples folder so that you don't have to run anything to give feedback.

Little CLI

dynamic.php is a little cli for dynamically fetching the dom of some url. You can optionally pass a root selector as second argument.

This script was mainly built for testing in the early stages, and we have no intention to develop it further for now.

$ php examples/dynamic.php


Test the code.



Please do contribute:

  • if you have an idea, a question or just want to say hi: create an issue
  • if you have a bug fix: create a PR

Please ensure the tests passes and also please run php-cs-fixer to ensure the code styles remain consistent.