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Makes deploying Env super easy

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Env Deployer

Only works with 5.1 and greater

See the video


This will take your local environment and deploy it to the selected server

Your config file will have the list of servers

For example say your .env looks like this

The new Laravel tail library spatie/laravel-tail inspired and helped this a ton



If you run the command

php artisan envdeployer:push dev

This will send you local to dev replacing the values as needed.


This makes it super easy for local developers to merge their env to the different servers while at time keep a local .env and .env.example

php artisan envdeployer:make-example

Would then setup example with random values

php artisan envdeployer:share

Would place it on the config setting share path for the team member to write

php artisan envdeployer:share get

To get and pull that down as their env settings.


php artisan envdeployer:get_and_merge dev

Would get dev and merge it into your local setting #@dev=foo as needed and adding values you are missing


You can install the package via composer:

composer require 'alfred-nutile-inc/env-deployer:dev-master'

You must install this service provider:

// config/app.php

'providers' => [

Now to setup your config:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="AlfredNutileInc\EnvDeployer\EnvDeployerServiceProvider"

A file named envdeployer.php will be created in the config directory. The options you can set in the file should be self-explanatory.


return [

    'connections' => [

         * The environment name.
        'dev' => [

             * The hostname to send the env file to
            'host'  => '',

             * The username to be used when connecting to the server where the logs are located
            'user' => 'vagrant',

             * The full path to the directory where the .env is located MUST end in /
            'rootEnvDirectory' => '/home/vagrant/mysite/',

            'port' => 2222


Immediate Todo Items Make it a true laravel 5 library with config settings

  1. get file from target and merge into local

  2. share command so teams can share the file securely