Bootstrap shortcuts and elements for Laravel

v1.2.0 2014-06-20 13:39 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-06-08 13:43:20 UTC


This package provides form elements for Laravel 4.2, which are styled with Bootstrap 3.

  • shows first error message in help text area
  • labels the input with the error class
  • automatically repopulates the form elements

There is a demo page included in this package: use View::make('bselements::demopage').


{{ BsForm::useViewErrorBag($errors) }}
{{ BsForm::info('Info', 'Infotext', array()) }}
{{ BsForm::text('text', 'Text') }}
{{ BsForm::textAddon('left', 'Demo', 'textaddon1', 'Text-Addon') }}
{{ BsForm::textAddon('right', 'Demo', 'textaddon2', 'Text-Addon') }}
{{ BsForm::password('password', 'Password') }}
{{ BsForm::file('file', 'File') }}
{{ BsForm::select('select', 'Select', array(''=>'-- Choose --','s1'=>'Select 1','s2'=>'Select 2','s3'=>'Select 3')) }}
{{ BsForm::textarea('textarea', 'Textarea') }}
{{ BsForm::radioGroup('radiogroup', 'radioGroup', array('r1'=>'1','r2'=>'2','r3'=>'3')) }}
{{ BsForm::checkboxGroup('checkboxGroup', array('c1'=>'one','c2'=>'two','c3'=>'three')) }}




First register the service provider Alexwenzel\Bselements\BselementsServiceProvider in app/conf/app.php.

Then you can use it with the following syntax:

{{ BsForm::text('text', 'Text') }}

Bootstrap assets (CSS/JS) are not included! Include them yourself.

## Form elements

### Injecting validation messages

You can inject your validation messages within you template into the BsForm class.


### Info

Generates a text input look-alike field, without any functionality.

BsForm::info($label, $text, array $attributes = array())

### Text

Generates a text input element.

BsForm::text($id, $label, array $attributes = array())

### Text Addon

Generates a text input element with addon.

BsForm::textAddon($addonDirection, $addonContent, $id, $label, array $attributes = array())

  * ``$addonDirection`` can be ``left`` or ``right``
  * ``$addonContent`` can be any HTML/String

### File

Generates a file input element.

BsForm::file($id, $label, array $attributes = array())

### Select

Generates a select element.

BsForm::select($id, $label, array $elements, array $attributes = array())

### Password

Generates a password input element.

BsForm::password($id, $label, array $attributes = array())

### Textarea

Generates a textarea element.

BsForm::textarea($id, $label, array $attributes = array())

### Radio Group

Generates a group of radio elements.

BsForm::radioGroup($id, $label, array $values)

### Checkbox Group

Generates a group of checkbox elements.

BsForm::checkboxGroup($label, array $values)