Better WordPress installer.php dropin.

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v1.0.0 2018-02-09 17:54 UTC

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Last update: 2020-03-14 09:09:53 UTC


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This install.php dropin doesn't install bloat from default install.php and sets a few opionated wp options.

It doesn't send you an email after installing new WordPress either.

Current options

  • Set empty page as Front page
  • Don't use any widgets
  • Use empty blog description ( if someone forgets to change that )
  • Use /%postname%/ permalink
  • Don't install any articles


You can copy install.php to your wp-content folder. Just plug&play.

OR you can use composer so that you can automatically update it too. Put these in your composer.json:

    "require": {
        "alexsancho/wp-install-dropin": "^1.0"
    "extra": {
        "dropin-paths": {
            "htdocs/wp-content/": ["type:wordpress-dropin"]