A client library for talking to XMPP servers.

1.0.6 2012-12-31 16:33 UTC


XMPP Library for PHP

I wrote this XMPP library for PHP because I wanted to write a XMPP driver for 
the PHP IRC bot, Phergie ( I spent some time looking at the 
libraries that were already out there (XMPPHP and Jaxl). At the time, neither 
supported XEP-0045 (Multi-User Chat) and weren't hosted on Github, so I decided to 
write my own. There are probably some similarities between this library and XMPPHP, 
since I was using XMPPHP for reference while getting started with this library.

It currently does what I need, namely:

* Connects to and authenticates (using DIGEST-MD5) against XMPP servers (tested 
  against Openfire and jabberd2)
* Supports SSL/TLS connections
* Allows joining of MUC rooms
* Sends messages to individuals and MUC rooms.