PhpCAS Bundle using guard for Symfony3.4 and above

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PhpCas Bundle provide CAS Authentication using guard for symfony 3.4+ and 4.

This bundle DO NOT provide a CAS server. By using this bundle, your application will be able to use your Cas Server to authenticate your users.
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Step 1: Download the Bundle

Open a command console, enter your project directory and execute the following command to download the latest stable version of this bundle:

$ composer require "alexandret/phpcas-guard-bundle" "~1"

This command requires you to have Composer installed globally, as explained in the installation chapter of the Composer documentation.

Step 2: Enable the Bundle

Enable the bundle by adding it to the list of registered bundles in the config/bundles.php file of your project:


return [
    AlexandreT\Bundle\CasGuardBundle\CasGuardBundle::class => ['all' => true],

Step 3: Enable the Security

Update your config\packages\security.yaml file:

    # ...
        #Main firewall
            # We use Guard !
                    # ADD the cas authenticator declared in this bundle
                    - phpcasguard.cas_authenticator
            # The logout path
                # This route will be never called because of listener. It will catch it and redirect user.                
                path: /logout
                # ADD the same cas authenticator declared in this bundle to activate logout function
                success_handler: phpcasguard.cas_authenticator  
    # ...

Since Symfony 2.8, Guard is providing a new and excellent way to authenticate. I recommend you to have a look on this excellent tutorial to understand guard features. This tutorial explains how to generate a standard authentication using guard and a login form. When you understand it, you only have to disable the call to the login form authenticator implemented in the chapter 5 and replace it by the phpcasguard.cas_authenticator declared inside this bundle.

Step 4: Configure the Bundle

Create a config\packages\cas_guard.yaml file:

    hostname: '%env(CAS_HOSTNAME)%'
    # ...

Have a look on the complete configuration file to complete and connect it with your CAS server.