Nginx cache connector for TYPO3

1.0.2 2020-08-24 13:09 UTC

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Last update: 2024-01-25 19:09:57 UTC


Provides an Nginx cache connector which purges cached responses in Nginx along with cached pages in TYPO3.


  1. Configurable Nginx base url
  2. Sends PURGE {Nginx base url}/* when flushing the frontend or all caches in the TYPO3 backend.
  3. Sends PURGE {Nginx request url} for all cached responses associated with a page when flushing its page cache in the TYPO3 backend.
  4. Detects and handles failed Nginx purge requests.

Out of Scope

  • Nginx: Handling of incoming PURGE requests
  • Nginx: Deleting of cached responses

The handling of cache purges on Nginx side can be managed by the non-free, commercial Nginx module ngx_cache_purge or by a custom implementation, for example this Perl implementation – Perl scripts are supported by Nginx natively.

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