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Simple Tennis score calculator

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A PHP solution to the Tennis scoring challenge.


Installation via composer.

require alex-patterson-webdev/tennis-game ^1


In order to calculate the Tennis score, first create a new instance of the Arp\TennisGame\TennisGame class.

use Arp\TennisGame\TennisGame;
$tennisGame = new TennisGame();

Once created, we can record scores for PlayerOne and PlayerTwo by calling either playerOneWinsShot() or playerTwoWinsShot(). Internally the TennisGame class will keep a record of each player's score, regardless of the order of the winning shots.

$tennisGame->playerOneWinsShot(); // Increase PlayerOne score by 1 point
$tennisGame->playerTwoWinsShot(); // Increase PlayerOne score by 1 point

By default, score for both players start at a value of love (zero). At any time we can review the score of each of the players by calling the renderScore() method. The score for both players will be returned as a string, x-y where x represents the first players' score and y represents the seconds players' score.

echo $tennisGame->renderScore(); // output string 'love-love'

echo $tennisGame->renderScore(); // output string 'fifteen-love'

echo $tennisGame->renderScore(); // output string 'fifteen-fifteen'

In accordance with the rules of Tennis, when players tie and have both reached a score of at least forty, then the result of the call to renderScore() will be deuce, indicating the scores are level.


echo $tennisGame->renderScore(); // output string 'deuce'

If the score is a tie at deuce, players must then score 1 additional point to gain an advantage. In these cases, calls to method renderScore() will display the player who has the current advantage.

$tennisGame->playerOneWinsShot(); // 15
$tennisGame->playerOneWinsShot(); // 30
$tennisGame->playerOneWinsShot(); // 40

$tennisGame->playerTwoWinsShot(); // 15
$tennisGame->playerTwoWinsShot(); // 30
$tennisGame->playerTwoWinsShot(); // 40 (Deuce)
$tennisGame->playerTwoWinsShot(); // advantage PlayerOne
echo $tennisGame->renderScore(); // output string 'advantage PlayerTwo';

In order to win the game, players must have a score which exceeds forty points and have at least two points more than the competing player. Calls to renderScore() will show the name of the player who is the winner.

$tennisGame->playerOneWinsShot(); // 15

$tennisGame->playerTwoWinsShot(); // 15
$tennisGame->playerTwoWinsShot(); // 30
$tennisGame->playerTwoWinsShot(); // 40
$tennisGame->playerTwoWinsShot(); // win
echo $tennisGame->renderScore(); // output string 'win PlayerTwo';

Unit Tests

Unit test can be run using PHPUnit.

php vendor/bin/phpunit