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A generic PHP text translator which supports translating different languages at runtime.


Installation via composer

php composer.phar require alex-patterson-webdev/arp-translator 1.0

Translation Strategy

A translation strategy is an object implementing ArpTranslator\Strategy\StrategyInterface which performs the translation of the supplied text into the desired language.

The following strategies are supported.

  • \ArpTranslator\Strategy\EnglishToPigLatin
  • \ArpTranslator\Strategy\PigLatinToEnglish


To perform text translation create a new instance of the ArpTranslator\Translator class and supply the required translation strategy.

The example below uses the example "EnglishToPigLatin" translation strategy.

$translator = new \ArpTranslator\Translator(
    new \ArpTranslator\Strategy\EnglishToPigLatin

To produce the translation text simply call Translator::translate() with the source text.

$englishText = 'Some english text to translate';

$pigLatin = $translator->translate($englishText);

You can easily swap out the required strategy with another at runtime, without needing a new translator instance, by calling Translator::setStrategy().

$strategy = new \ArpTranslator\Strategy\PigLatinToEnglish;


Test can be run using PHPUnit

phpunit /tests