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A simple library to provide only the most basic authentication capabilities to your application.


Let us examine a sample scenario where we have a model called User, and we need to check a password against an object of this model.

First we'll list the classes we'll be using, and also define a password to test with.


use AlecGunnar\ModelAuth\AuthenticatableInterface;
use AlecGunnar\ModelAuth\HashScheme\BcryptHashScheme;
use AlecGunnar\ModelAuth\Authenticator;

$password = 'superSecret123';

Here is the sample User model.

// ...

class User implements AuthenticatableInterface {
    private $hash;    

    public function setPasswordHash ($passwdHash) {
        $this->hash = $passwdHash;

    public function getPasswordHash () {
        return $hash;

Next we'll create an object of the hash scheme, specifically the BCrypt hash scheme. With this, we'll generate a hash of the password we defined earlier

// ...

$hashScheme = new BcryptHashScheme();
$hashedPassword = $hashScheme->generateHash($password);

We now need to create a user to authenticate, to which we will also assign the password hash we previously generated.

// ...

$user = new User();

Now we can actually authenticate the user we just created using the password we defined at the beginning. This is a trivial example, and it should be obvious that this result will be It is a valid password! being echoed.

// ...

$auth = new Authenticator($hashScheme);

if ($auth->authenticate($user, $password)) {
    echo 'It is a valid password!';
} else {
    echo 'Not a valid password...';