oEmbed consumer library

1.1.0 2013-03-27 20:37 UTC

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Simple consumer library for oEmbed with discovery support.


In this example the library automatically discovers the oEmbed enpoint for the resource, and asks for informations about the resource.


use Alb\OEmbed;

$response = OEmbed\Simple::request('', array(
    'maxwidth' => 400,
    'maxheight' => 300,

echo $response->getTitle();
echo $response->getHtml();

Advanced usage:


use Alb\OEmbed;

// instanciate a Provider from a known endpoint
$provider = new OEmbed\Provider('', 'json');

// request information about a resource
$response = $provider->request('');

The library is also capable of discovering the oEmbed enpoint from a resource URL (if the site supports it):


use Alb\OEmbed;

$discovery = new OEmbed\Discovery;
$provider = $discovery->discover('');

// or, using OEmbed\Simple:

$provider = OEmbed\Simple::getProvider('');