CakePHP 3 plugin allowing to easily use the blueimp jQuery-File-Upload

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3.7.2 2019-04-03 08:00 UTC

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CakePHP3 plugin allowing to easily use the blueimp jQuery-File-Upload

General Features

  • A helper allows to create an upload button with a progess bar
  • A component manage the uploads requests (may be in multiple chunks)
  • Each upload is stored into a datatable with the file infos
  • Once the upload is over, do what you want in your application with the record and the uploaded file


Adding the plugin

You can easily install this plugin using composer as follows:

composer require alaxos/cakephp3-blueimp-upload

Enabling the plugin

After adding the plugin remember to load it in your config/bootstrap.php file. The Alaxos plugin must be loaded as well.

Plugin::load('Alaxos', ['bootstrap' => true]);

Using the plugin


echo $this->BlueimpUpload->chunked('picture_upload', [
                                   'upload_url' => Router::url(['controller' => 'Posts', 'action' => 'upload_picture', $post->id])

Check for options in the chunked() method.


public $components = ['CakephpBlueimpUpload.Uploader'];
public $helpers    = ['CakephpBlueimpUpload.BlueimpUpload'];

public function upload_picture($id = null)
    $upload = $this->Uploader->upload($upload_folder, ['accepted_mimetypes' => ['image/jpeg', 'image/tiff', 'image/png']]);

    if($upload !== false)
            * The upload is over. 
            * Do what you want with the $upload entity