This package provides currency rates as well as single and multiple currency for Laravel app by using https://openexchangerates.org API

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This package is built for laravel with a view to get the currency rates and convert single and multiple currency to another currency. This uses https://openexchangerates.org for fetching rates. This package supports 170 currencies.

There are 4 types of plan in open exchange rate. By using free plan and it's api key one would only be able to get rates/convert currency based on USD. So the suggestion is to use any of other 3 plan and it's api key.


Install using composer:

composer require akibtanjim/currency-converter

In Laravel 5.5 or higher, this package will be automatically discovered and you can safely skip the following two steps.

If using Laravel 5.4 or lower, after updating composer, add the ServiceProvider to the providers array in config/app.php

In the providers section add the below line:


add the Alias to aliases section of config/app.php:

  'Currency'=> AkibTanjim\Currency\Facades\CurrencyConverter::class,


Open command prompt and wrtie the following command:

  php artisan make:controller ExampleController

Now paste the following code:


  namespace App\Http\Controllers;

  use Illuminate\Http\Request;
  use Currency;

  class ExampleController extends Controller
      public function rates(){
        $response = Currency::getRates();
        return response()->json($response);

      public function single(){
        $response = Currency::convert('USD','BDT',10);
        return response()->json($response);

      public function multiple(){
        $response = Currency::convert('USD',['BDT','JPY','AUD'],10);
        return response()->json($response);

In your routes/web.php paste the following code.

  Route::get('/rates', 'ExampleController@rates');
  Route::get('/convert/single', 'ExampleController@single');
  Route::get('/convert/multiple', 'ExampleController@multiple');

Now open your .env file and paste the follwing code:

  CURRENCY_CACHE=60 //in minutes

Open command prompt and run:

  php artisan serve

Sample Response of Getting Rates (

    "disclaimer": "Usage subject to terms: https://openexchangerates.org/terms",
    "license": "https://openexchangerates.org/license",
    "timestamp": 1534168800,
    "base": "USD",
    "rates": {
        "AED": 3.673281,
        "AFN": 72.750697,
        "ALL": 110,
        "AMD": 483.677012,
        "ANG": 1.845258,
        "AOA": 259.713,
        "ARS": 29.741,
        "AUD": 1.371765,
        "AWG": 1.790997,
        "AZN": 1.7025,
        "BAM": 1.71906,
        "BBD": 2,
        "BDT": 84.512765,
        "BGN": 1.711176,
        "BHD": 0.37715,
        "BIF": 1769.079915,
        "BMD": 1,
        "BND": 1.510575,
        "BOB": 6.910984,
        "BRL": 3.897481,
        "BSD": 1,
        "BTC": 0.000155984278,
        "BTN": 69.858077,
        "BWP": 10.731499,
        "BYN": 2.069305,
        "BZD": 2.010247,
        "CAD": 1.312688,
        "CDF": 1643.206404,
        "CHF": 0.994051,
        "CLF": 0.02338,
        "CLP": 658.6,
        "CNH": 6.882843,
        "CNY": 6.8822,
        "COP": 2944.01,
        "CRC": 567.429386,
        "CUC": 1,
        "CUP": 25.5,
        "CVE": 97.1825,
        "CZK": 22.473,
        "DJF": 178.025,
        "DKK": 6.522392,
        "DOP": 49.745,
        "DZD": 118.825968,
        "EGP": 17.9,
        "ERN": 15.000033,
        "ETB": 27.571225,
        "EUR": 0.874989,
        "FJD": 2.110003,
        "FKP": 0.782261,
        "GBP": 0.782261,
        "GEL": 2.44699,
        "GGP": 0.782261,
        "GHS": 4.82,
        "GIP": 0.782261,
        "GMD": 48.045,
        "GNF": 9090,
        "GTQ": 7.494678,
        "GYD": 209.014372,
        "HKD": 7.84995,
        "HNL": 24.039989,
        "HRK": 6.4983,
        "HTG": 66.651807,
        "HUF": 283.299867,
        "IDR": 14351.176583,
        "ILS": 3.695496,
        "IMP": 0.782261,
        "INR": 69.907,
        "IQD": 1190,
        "IRR": 43163.885347,
        "ISK": 108.68999,
        "JEP": 0.782261,
        "JMD": 135.420386,
        "JOD": 0.709506,
        "JPY": 110.91814286,
        "KES": 100.73,
        "KGS": 68.137481,
        "KHR": 4072,
        "KMF": 432.2,
        "KPW": 900,
        "KRW": 1132.36,
        "KWD": 0.303401,
        "KYD": 0.833503,
        "KZT": 363.983169,
        "LAK": 8500,
        "LBP": 1510.15,
        "LKR": 160.01,
        "LRD": 153.3,
        "LSL": 14.07,
        "LYD": 1.39,
        "MAD": 9.53,
        "MDL": 16.539963,
        "MGA": 3332.968099,
        "MKD": 53.875,
        "MMK": 1481.741948,
        "MNT": 2442.166667,
        "MOP": 8.086545,
        "MRO": 356.5,
        "MRU": 35.96,
        "MUR": 34.917484,
        "MVR": 15.41,
        "MWK": 727.128173,
        "MXN": 19.153628,
        "MYR": 4.094503,
        "MZN": 57.849493,
        "NAD": 14.07,
        "NGN": 361,
        "NIO": 31.899707,
        "NOK": 8.348457,
        "NPR": 111.775893,
        "NZD": 1.517863,
        "OMR": 0.384969,
        "PAB": 1,
        "PEN": 3.278826,
        "PGK": 3.313739,
        "PHP": 53.352,
        "PKR": 123.9,
        "PLN": 3.760051,
        "PYG": 5752.858784,
        "QAR": 3.641259,
        "RON": 4.077001,
        "RSD": 103.212604,
        "RUB": 67.6795,
        "RWF": 865,
        "SAR": 3.750769,
        "SBD": 7.88911,
        "SCR": 13.590164,
        "SDG": 18.05,
        "SEK": 9.10389,
        "SGD": 1.374391,
        "SHP": 0.782261,
        "SLL": 6542.71,
        "SOS": 577,
        "SRD": 7.458,
        "SSP": 130.2634,
        "STD": 21050.59961,
        "STN": 21.45,
        "SVC": 8.75173,
        "SYP": 514.98999,
        "SZL": 14.08,
        "THB": 33.317,
        "TJS": 9.416471,
        "TMT": 3.499986,
        "TND": 2.7684,
        "TOP": 2.310538,
        "TRY": 6.857968,
        "TTD": 6.740925,
        "TWD": 30.809027,
        "TZS": 2281.8,
        "UAH": 27.378,
        "UGX": 3745.452787,
        "USD": 1,
        "UYU": 30.692376,
        "UZS": 7784.095548,
        "VEF": 141572.666667,
        "VND": 23114.840172,
        "VUV": 108.499605,
        "WST": 2.588533,
        "XAF": 573.955074,
        "XAG": 0.06566646,
        "XAU": 0.00083342,
        "XCD": 2.70255,
        "XDR": 0.716692,
        "XOF": 573.955074,
        "XPD": 0.00101,
        "XPF": 104.413946,
        "XPT": 0.0012323,
        "YER": 250.300682,
        "ZAR": 14.242363,
        "ZMW": 10.017,
        "ZWL": 322.355011

Sample Response of Single Currency Conversion (

    "from": "USD",
    "to": "BDT",
    "amount": 10,
    "convertionRate": "84.51",
    "convertedAmount": "845.13"

Sample Response of Multiple Currency Conversion (

      "from": "USD",
      "to": "BDT",
      "amount": 10,
      "convertionRate": "84.51",
      "convertedAmount": "845.13"
      "from": "USD",
      "to": "JPY",
      "amount": 10,
      "convertionRate": "110.92",
      "convertedAmount": "1109.18"
      "from": "USD",
      "to": "AUD",
      "amount": 10,
      "convertionRate": "1.37",
      "convertedAmount": "13.72"

Sample Error Response

    "error": true,
    "status": 403,
    "message": "not_allowed",
    "description": "Changing the API `base` currency is available for Developer, Enterprise and Unlimited plan clients. Please upgrade, or contact support@openexchangerates.org with any questions."

For More Error info visit here

Supported Currency and their shortcode

Currency Name Short Code
UAE Dirham AED
Afghani AFN
Armenian Dram AMD
Netherlands Antillan Guilder ANG
Kwanza AOA
Argentine Peso ARS
Australian Dollar AUD
Aruban Guilder AWG
Azerbaijan Manat AZN
Convertible Mark BAM
Barbados Dollar BBD
Taka BDT
Bulgarian Lev BGN
Bahraini Dinar BHD
Colombian Peso COP
Costa Rican Colón CRC
Cuban Convertible Peso CUC
Cuban Peso CUP
Cape Verde Escudo CVE
Czech Koruna CZK
Djibouti Franc DJF
Faroese Króna DKK
Dominican Peso DOP
Algerian Dinar DZD
Egyptian Pound EGP
Nakfa ERN
Ethiopian Birr ETB
Euro EUR
Fiji Dollar FJD
Falkland Islands Pound FKP
Pound Sterling GBP
Lari GEL
Guernsey Pound GGP
Ghanaian Cedi GHS
Gibraltar Pound GIP
Dalasi GMD
Guinea Franc GNF
Quetzal GTQ
Guyana Dollar GYD
Hong Kong Dollar HKD
Lempira HNL
Croatian Kuna HRK
Haitian Gourde HTG
Forint HUF
Rupiah IDR
New Israeli Sheqel ILS
Isle of Man Pound IMP
Indian Rupee INR
Iraqi Dinar IQD
Iranian Rial IRR
Iceland Krona ISK
Moroccan Dirham MAD
Moldovan Leu MDL
Malagasy ariary MGA
Macedonian Denar MKD
Kyat MMK
Tugrik MNT
Macanese Pataca MOP
Ouguiya MRO
Mauritanian Ouguiya MRU
Mauritius Rupee MUR
Rufiyaa MVR
Kwacha MWK
Mexican Peso MXN
Malaysian Ringgit MYR
Mozambican Metical MZN
Namibia Dollar NAD
Naira NGN
Cordoba Oro NIO
Norwegian Krone NOK
Nepalese Rupee NPR
New Zealand Dollar NZD
Rial Omani OMR
Balboa PAB
Nuevo Sol PEN
Kina PGK
Philippine Peso PHP
Pakistan Rupee PKR
Zloty PLN
Guarani PYG
Qatari Rial QAR
Romanian leu RON
Serbian Dinar RSD
Russian Ruble RUB
Rwanda Franc RWF
Saudi Riyal SAR
Solomon Islands Dollar SBD
Seychelles Rupee SCR
Sudanese Dinar SDG
Swedish Krona SEK
Singapore Dollar SGD
Saint Helena Pound SHP
Leone SLL
Somali Shilling SOS
Surinamese Dollar SRD
Urdu SSP
Dobra STD
Tomean Dobra STN
Salvadoran Colón SVC
Syrian Pound SYP
Lilangeni SZL
Thai Baht THB
Somoni TJS
Turkmenistani Manat TMT
Tunisian Dinar TND
Paʻanga TOP
Yeni Türk Liras TRY
Trinidad and Tobago Dollar TTD
New Taiwan Dollar TWD
Tanzanian Shilling TZS
Hryvnia UAH
Uganda Shilling UGX
US Dollar USD
Peso Uruguayo UYU
Uzbekistan Sum UZS
Venezuelan Bolívar VEF
Vietnamese Dong VND
Vatu VUV
Samoan Tala WST
Central Africa CFA franc XAF
Silver (troy ounce) XAG
Gold (troy ounce) XAU
East Caribbean Dollar XCD
Special Drawing Rights XDR
West African CFA franc XOF
Palladium Ounce XPD
Platinum Ounce XPT
Yemeni Rial YER
Rand ZAR
Zambian Kwacha ZMW
Zimbabwean Dollar ZWL