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Welcome to Akeneo PIM.

This repository is used to create a new PIM project based on Akeneo PIM.

If you want to contribute to the Akeneo PIM (and we will be pleased if you do!), you can fork the repository https://github.com/akeneo/pim-community-dev and submit a pull request.

Installation instructions

Development Installation with Docker


  • Docker 19+
  • docker-compose >= 1.24
  • make

Creating a project and starting the PIM

The following steps will install Akeneo PIM in the current directory (must be empty) and launch it from there:

$ docker run -u www-data -v $(pwd):/srv/pim -w /srv/pim --rm akeneo/pim-php-dev:8.1 \
    php /usr/local/bin/composer create-project --prefer-dist \
    akeneo/pim-community-standard /srv/pim "dev-master@dev"
$ make

The PIM will be available on http://localhost:8080/, with admin/admin as default credentials.

To shutdown your PIM: make down

Installation without Docker

$ php /usr/local/bin/composer create-project --prefer-dist akeneo/pim-community-standard /srv/pim "dev-master@dev"

You will need to change the .env file to configure the access to your MySQL and ES server.

Once done, you can run:

$ NO_DOCKER=true make

For more details, please follow https://docs.akeneo.com/master/install_pim

Upgrade instructions

To upgrade Akeneo PIM to a newer version, please follow: https://docs.akeneo.com/master/migrate_pim/index.html


You can check out the changelog files in https://github.com/akeneo/pim-community-dev.