Test catalogs for Akeneo PIM

dev-master / 1.8.x-dev 2018-07-02 14:50 UTC

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Last update: 2022-01-23 23:03:39 UTC


Upgrade catalogs notes

1.3 1.4 1.5 master
CE 1.3 remove owner to users.yml CE 1.4 add ui_locale to users.yml CE 1.5 nothing to do CE master
EE 1.3 EE 1.4 add ui_locale to users.yml, add proposals_to_review_notification: true to users.yml, add proposals_state_notifications: true to users.yml EE 1.5 nothing to do EE master

Are catalogs up-to-date since last configuration change of the DataGeneratorBundle?

Version Community Enterprise
1.3 N N
1.4 N Y
1.5 small and medium Y, large N N
master Y Y

## How to generate a catalog?

By using the https://github.com/akeneo-labs/DataGeneratorBundle

How to install a catalog?

To install a catalog, you will have to:

  • composer require "akeneo/catalogs":"dev-master"
  • set your catalog in the PIM parameters via installer_data: vendor/akeneo/catalogs/path/to/the/catalog/fixtures
  • install the fixtures rm -rf app/cache && app/console pim:install --env=prod --force
  • import the products
gunzip -c /<path_to_catalog>/<community|enterprise>/<catalog_size>/products.csv.gz > /tmp/product.csv
app/console akeneo:batch:job csv_product_import --env=prod