A package to comunicate with Hacker Rank API.

1.1 2017-03-03 13:55 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-05-24 17:16:13 UTC


This package consumes the Hacker Rank API, evaluating a given code and returning de output of the operation.

An example file is included with informations about how to use this package properly.

How to use

First you'll need a HackerRank API Key that can be acquired here.

Make a copy of the .env.example file and rename it to .env. Inside the file, change the HACKERRANK_API_KEY value to your own key.

Then, just autoload the library and call it like this:

use AkamuraAsai\HackerRankAPI\HRCaller;

$caller = new HRCaller();
$result = $caller->use_testcases($code, $language, $test_inputs)->result;

Where $code is a variable containing the code that will run in Hacker Rank servers. The $language var is a integer containing the code of language used on above code. Last one $test_inputs containing the inputs of the tests that the code will run about.

The use_testcases() is the only function working for now. More will come in a future update.

List of Languages/Codes

Code Language
01 C
02 C++
03 Java
05 Python
06 Perl
07 PHP
08 Ruby
09 C#
10 MySQL
11 Oracle
12 Haskell
13 Clojure
14 Bash
15 Scala
16 Erlang
18 Lua
20 JavaScript
21 Go
22 D
23 Ocaml
24 R
25 Pascal
30 Python 3
31 Groovy
32 Objective-C
33 F#
36 Cobol
37 Visual Basic
38 LOL Code
39 SmallTalk
40 TCL
41 Whitespace
43 Java 8
44 DB2
46 Octave
48 XQuery
49 Racket
50 Rust
51 Swift
54 Fortran


MIT license.