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BaseException is an abstract class.



composer require aivo/exceptions

Or edit composer.json and add

    "require": {
        "aivo/exceptions": "^1"

Function Declaration

\Aivo\BaseException::__construct ([\Psr\Log\LoggerInterface $logger = null, $previous = null, $previousLevel = null])

####\Psr\Log\LoggerInterface $logger A PSR-3 compatible object. If provided, it will call the logger's method matching the error level when the exception is . It's possible to add a logger after the object has been instantiated using $\Aivo\BaseException->setLogger(\Psr\Log\LoggerInterface $logger) and $\Aivo\BaseException->log().

####\Exception $previous It is impossible to add a previous exception runtime so it has to be added while creating a new BaseException object.

####string $previousLevel If provided, it will log the previous exception provided using this level. This is useful for logging exceptions that do not extend \Aivo\BaseException, such as PDOException.

Extending the object

It is suggested that you create a new class for every message and code you need to send. Each code should also be unique, ideally on a global scope. This is because the error messages could change at any time so applications should not depend on the actual description text.

Catching the object

public function responseException(\Exception $exception, Response $response)
    if ($exception instanceof \Aivo\BaseException) {
        $data = $exception->__toArray();
        $httpCode = $exception->getHttpCode();

    } else {
        $data = [
            'class' => get_class($exception),
            'error' => $exception->getCode(),
            'message' => $exception->getMessage(),
        $httpCode = 409;

    return $response->withJson($data)

Logging the previous exception

To log a previous exception (provided in the constructor), simply add a third parameter with the desired level. Level has to be PSR-3 compliant. Example:

try {
    throw new \Exception('Super secreta');
catch (\Exception $e) {
    throw new \Aivo\Exceptions\Word\NotFound(


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