Password account management - standardize basic password handling for user accounts

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Provides basic manipulation with password based accounts.


The best way to install package is using Composer:

$ composer require aipng/password-account

Using Nette extension

When using in application based on Nette, you should enable provided extension using your neon configuration file.

  passwordAccount: AipNg\Security\DI\PasswordAccountExtension


When using default token generator, based on MD5 algorithm, you can configure token expiration in minutes (somewhere in your configuration file):

  md5TokenExpiration: 60    # 60 minutes by default

In case you want to use your own implementation of token generator, this option is useless.

If you want to use default password hash provider, based on PHP's password_hash and password_verify functions, you can set the algorithmic cost:

  passwordCost: 10    # 10 by default